Wednesday, 5 August 2009

kamikaze Gordon's bank merger produces £4bn loss.

Yesterday the Gordon Brown orchestrated merger of Lloyds and HBOS today saw the part-state-owned bank report a £4 billion loss in six months. But before this we had the Newcastle-based bank, which owes the taxpayer £10.9 billion, has a rate of arrears of 3.93% of its mortgage book – or 22,141 customers – compared with an industry average of 2.39%.It has repossessed nearly four times more homes than the industry average although the 2,522 homes it has in possession is down from the peak of 4,000 and fewer than the 3,620 at the end of last year.
While Barclays and HSBC continue to coin it, the basket cases we bailed out last year sink further into the shit.
Call me a normal guy 'with clean spectacles' and without any baggage.
Forget the Tory Party. They haven't been in power for a generation and when they went to war, they did it legitimately and knew how to fight and win within a couple of months.
The economy, the war, the banking crisis has been created by Liebore and kamikaze Gordon Brown is the godfather of this entire episode in our history.
kamikaze Brown has always wanted to give himself a legacy, what prime minister doesn't ... but the way history will treat them is very simple: Tony Bliar sent us to war and presided over a 'spendthrift' chancellor kamikaze Gordon who spent money like water. He treated a bubble like a normal day and spent, spent, spent, sold our gold reserves and 'stuffed' the country good and proper.
kamikaze Gordon then became the first UN-elected Prime Minister for a very long time and continued his 'spendthrift ways'. Hell, he even presided over the wasteful death of too many livestock, supports the continued abuse of the immigration system, continues to allow British Troops to remain without the proper equipment and due to his over opinionated friends they can't even fight a war without being subject to civilian lawyers. And then kamikaze Gordon topped it off by wasting money on doctors wages, selling off our gold, adding more to the human rights charter, creating a world of red tape and legislation and supporting criminal behaviour, he removed the expression UK and replaced it with British. And then came the Northern Rock saga and his own financial legacy he gave us the icing on the cake with the LloydsHBOS merger which cost us £4bn. And then we tomorrow RBS and guess what he's away on his hols!
Gordon Brown should realise that money is a 'privilege and not a right'. Stop abusing the fractional reserve system and if you want to play games - play monopoly instead.
Right now, I am a sickened pensioner looking for a new way forward; and I'm thoroughly open to offers from all sides of the political spectrum,providing its not Labour!
Help ... I'm a UK tax payer, get me out of here...

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