Thursday, 13 August 2009

No wonder Gordon Brown is hiding in the Lake District. After 12 years as our "best ever Chancellor" (joke) he is up to his neck in embarrassment.

Gordon the Moron said spending was the only way out and as expected he's dug us in even deeper.

Germany & France, the two countries that did not want to spend there way out of a recession are now pulling themselves out of it. This cannot be right , my kamikaze Prime minister told me that the UK was best placed to face the downturn and that he would lead the world out of recession. He surely wasn't lying to me was he? Does that mean all the money he has spent on Fiscal Stimulus/ VAT reduction was wasted.

I need re-assurance that the Great kamikaze Leader is the Great Leader and not just a financially incompetent prat who has bankrupted the country for the sake of trying to save his political neck. All help in clarifying this matter would be gratefully received.
So much for the lies and political spin from kamikaze Brown, dumbledorf Darling, slimy Mandelson and the rest. We now have not only a monetary crisis, but a social one as well as a result of the high level of unemployment. When are we going to see those directly responsible for the current misery, i.e. the banking directors, brought before the courts to answer charges of dereliction of duty under the Companies Act for failing to carry out due diligence and adequate risk assessments of their activities. These people are enjoying large salaries, bonuses and pensions while millions suffer. I suspect that the Government and the FSA will ensure that their banking chums are protected and never called to account.
Still there will be a general election soon, anyone stupid enough to vote Labour in this one should be institutionalised!

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