Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Who would have thought we would see the words 'Mandelson' 'SFO' and 'cover up' in the same sentence.

Peter Mandelson has asked government lawyers to begin compiling the evidence needed to bar some of the key players behind the Rover affair from corporate life.
The businessmen who ran the consortium, known as the Phoenix Four, are thought to have received about £40m in pay and pensions contributions during their time running MG Rover. They were quick to respond to the SFO's decision today by pointing the finger at ministers. They claim the government failed to support a rescue deal that they claim could have saved Rover from collapse in 2005.
Their comments clearly angered Mandelson, who said: "I sense rather a lot of buck-passing on the part of the Phoenix Four. I think what people will be asking themselves now is whether they as individuals are fit to conduct themselves as directors of companies in the future."The SFO's decision means that the government's long-awaited report will finally be published on 11 September.
Is it any wonder that MG-Rover collapsed when the company was forced to employ 1,500 too many workers?
It should also be noted that the Government gave MG-Rover absolutely no financial support whatsoever, the DTI (Patricia Hewitt) at the time said "we have better things to do with our money"
Probably Mandelson will be looking for a Good Day To Publish Bad News.
Interesting, the guy who behaved worse than being economical with the truth when it came to his mortgages and still managed to re-enter government, now he asks lawyers if it is possible to ban from boardrooms persons the SFO doesn't want to investigate! No double standards at all, surely!
The SFO is a political puppet that has been shown during the BAE investigation to be a slave to the political pay masters. They are a joke. Real fraud is going on all around them just look at the Banking sector and yet they take no action until the newspapers make it front page news.This isn't a democracy its government by headlines and spin.

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