Friday, 14 August 2009

So why pick on the mediocre NHS? Go for the real good ones instead.

I don't really understand what all the fuss about the NHS is about.
Why pick the British healthcare system? There are healthcare systems on the continent which have a lot more to offer to their contributors (i.e. the general public), such as the German one. OK, it has been slimmed down a bit since the mid 90's, but there are still no emergency call-in fees for dentists, the maximum contribution to jacket crowns and similar is 60% of the cost, there are no 3-6 (or more) month long waiting lists to see a specialist such as a gyneacologist, dermatologist, or ENT (one just makes an appointment oneself, doesn't need a GP to refer and all usually is done and dealt with within 3 weeks), one day a week most GP practices do after-hours, and there is always one GP available for 24-hr emergency in a rotational system. And last but no way least none of this breathtaking bureaucracy when it comes to prescribing meds - where the bucket is passed from one to the other.
The NHS was a great idea in theory 60 years ago.
Now we have a top heavy organisation full of quangos, managers, opinions and not enough nurses and doctors. The NHS will always be a political football played by Liebore and the opposition, after all what else is there for them to do within the EU?
If money was no object, then a private system is much preferable - given the way that Burnham and his mates have totally destroyed it.
But then, what would you expect from a silver-spooned socialist from Liverpool who supports Everton!
Daniel Hannans video interview is excellent, pointed and accurate.
Whatever people might have once have been reasonably happy in believing of the NHS, things are significantly different now. We have NICE (who lives and who dies)
Obama wants that too.
Obama requires states to cede sovereignty if the Bill sees daylight (hope not)
The EU wants all the sovereignty ceded too.
See where this is leading?
NAFTA wants the same socialist(communist, stalinistic) dream of regionalisation.
The NHS is not perfect but nothing ever will be. You can always improve things. But at least if in my time of need, I know I can get the treatment I need on the NHS and not worry about whether have to afford to pay a huge bill afterwards.
Health care should be about helping people and not about lining corporations pockets; but at the end of the day we should all take more RESPONSIBILITY for the state of our health, which in itself would minimise the need for any health ('sickness') care system. This means no smoking, social drinking only and an improved diet, as well as moderate exercise.

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