Sunday, 2 August 2009

Savage versus Jackboot Jacqui

Savaging Savage

Only Queen Elizabeth II can fix this.

Press reports that Britain is making nice with talk-radio host Michael Savage are greatly exaggerated. Some accounts insisted Mr. Savage was now welcome in Britain after being placed on an "undesirables" list of terrorists and criminals three months ago by then-Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who accused him of "fomenting hate."

Not so.

Mr. Savage, whose nationally syndicated program is heard weekly by 10 million listeners, says he's still on the list. His lawsuit against Ms. Smith is still on. And he still pines for a proper meaculpa.

"I feared this. The Labor government will not yet admit they made a big mistake in listing me alongside actual murderers. Talk is not murder. Murdering a reputation, is that murder or defamation?" Mr. Savage tells me.

"They leave me no option except to pursue my defamation complaint against Jacqui Smith. In time, I will clear my name, receive an apology from the British government - or the Queen - deliver a speech before the British Parliament and present the British people the gift of freedom of speech, for which their forefathers died. By my example, they will see how far their own nation has fallen under the rule of these coelenterates" - jellyfish, Mr. Savage says.

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