Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Considering you wrote a book on courage Brown,you seem to know very little about it.

Facing reporters after talks at Downing Street with Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Mr Brown insisted the UK Government had no role in the decision to free Megrahi. Asked whether he thought it was the right decision, Mr Brown simply said his first thoughts had been with the Lockerbie families.
'I was both angry and I was repulsed by the reception that a convicted bomber guilty of a huge terrorist crime received on his return to Libya,' he said.
The PM said that when he met Libya's Colonel Gaddafi earlier this year he told him the bomber's release was not his decision.
He also dismissed suggestions that the row would damage Britain's relationship with the U.S. and other allies.

It's almost amusing to see how our Great yellow streak Leader kept his head down for a few days, waited to see how the wind was blowing, and then popped up to deliver the usual waffler soundbites he thought we wanted to hear.
Stand up and support or decry Scotland's decision Brown. A true leader would have been in control. You are most seriously not.

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