Thursday, 20 August 2009

Welcome to barmy /soft-touch Britain!

Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, wearing white , walks on to his airplane at Glasgow International Airport

This is another example of a very dodgy deal by the British liebore government. It is so obvious that this release has been exchanged for an oil deal with Libya - Tony Bliar was there setting it up and BP got the contract.
I don't particularly care which countries the Scottish government is pleasing or displeasing over this issue.
This man should remain in a Scottish prison until he dies.
I believe that if a Scottish court found that there was enough evidence to convict this guy for the crime - beyond reasonable doubt - whether he planted the bomb or was a co-conspirator in any way, shape or form, then he should not be released and should be left to die behind bars. The crime he was found guilty of committing was so heinous that to release him makes a mockery of the deaths of the victims. From now on if you bomb or hi-jack planes or any other serious crimes, expect to be treated with kid gloves!
He will be treated as a hero in his homeland. No justice for the victims and their families. Life should mean life not even 27 years would have been enough ! He actually only got a year for every person he killed let alone all the people who lives have been affected since by his actions.
Just remind me again - HOW MANY children or relatives of MacAskill or any UK politician were on that flight? Precisely, none and people wonder why the US always press for extradition of our criminals rather than leave "British Justice" to deal with it.


  1. "British Justice"? Scottish Justice surely?

  2. Scottish or British Justice what does it matter it's still wrong.

  3. Oliver. Judge us by the way we act as a society and know that compassion has a place at the heart of justice in Scotland and that justice here is tempered with mercy. As Ghandi said, if everyone opts for an eye for an eye then the world will end up blind.

  4. Dark Lochnagar, if you had a close family member or friend killed in what was a barbaric act would you have the same opinion?