Saturday, 6 April 2013

Remember if it was Labour in power today there'd be no different regarding benefit payments to the poor.

It was the Labour Party that introduced sanctions, and don't tell me they didn't know the Tories would run with this and have quotas and league tables.
It was the Labour Party that conspired to replace sickness benefit with private insurance. They invited US insurance company to advise on making the tests impossible to pass. What they got, the WCA, is a sham assessment banned in the US when the same company was found guilty of running 'disability-denial factories' in a class action lawsuit. The company has boasted of directing Government policy. And they now advertise their private income protection on the basis that state benefits no longer cover people, which they don't.
Work is good for the poor when they have cancer, but instead of popping down to the chicken factory for a spot of therapeutic labouring, the wealthy can call on their private insurance.
The Labour Party introduced Workfare. That's the taxpayer paying for a company's workforce instead of them paying for it themselves, while the poor work for nothing. the left wing media described this as a good thing because it gave the unemployed something to do. Do you think they ever felt the devastation of working for nothing?
Of course, the left wing media didn't write articles about any of this at the time because Labour were in Government.
These policies are only 'wicked' when the Tories practice them the left wing media still doesn't demand that Labour repeal any of this stuff if they are elected. No, it will all be quietly forgotten about after the next election, and the pain of the poor in Britain will continue.
The Labour Party - Tories with a red rose pinned to their tit.

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