Sunday, 7 April 2013

Labour's plans for welfare, what a crock of shit!

If Labour goes into the election with Liam Byrnes and this putrid policy it won't even get 8m votes. The something for something policy means the entitlements of one generation - like their work experience, contacts and access to work of economic value - will never catch up with the previous one: it is another recipe for further inequality - more reasons the young will never own their own homes. There is nothing productive in this automated economy for 5/6ths of the working population to apply themselves to and that is no basis for a policy of full employment whatsoever.
The model of governance by mass taxation through full employment in a market economy is not merely finished, it is toxic and whichever party gets to replace it will control the 21st century in this country. This unimaginative, desperate, neo-liberal attempt to cling onto it will hand that victory to the opposition. Liam Byrne is a disgrace, I'd say he, along with all the other selfish, smarmy,smart-arsed traitors to the cause who chased Blair's New Labour hay-cart, is utterly despicable.They have absolutely no loyalty to, or respect for, the people who voted for them.All that matters to any of them is their own sense of self -importance and their precious careers.I would not have called them 'left wing' rich, they are none of them even vaguely socialist in their hearts.Their heads are so full of the noise of their own bullshit that they are incapable of listening to anyone's cries of suffering.
I never have been a Labour man or an activist.I detested the the period with Labour in power and hated all that they stood for, but, my loathing, disdain and disgust for Bliar followed by Kamikaze Brown and Red Ed Millipede and all their projects of treacherous, spinning liars, knows no bounds!

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