Saturday, 6 April 2013

Let's face it we are bust and don't forget it's Labours fault!

Another round of wealth bashing by Red Ed. Even the left wing media admits this latest move is more symbolism than substance. If it's almost identical to raising the personal allowance, why not do that, reward work and everyone wins?...but no, his every instinct is to soak and punish the rich for political posturing and to whip up class warfare, scaring away international money in the process. Even Vince Cable - a leftie heartthrob - wrote a piece of uncharacteristic sense the other week about the need to attract wealthy Chinese. Who the hell would want to come to Ed's Britain? If you want to help the lower paid, it's simple. Stop screwing up the economy in the first place by spending way more than we earn. Even a 5 year old can understand the principle of living within one's means. Those at the bottom are paying the price of sustained poor economic management, not austerity, which Labour would have matched anyway. Even Sweden - that lefties love to cite - learned the lessons of Socialism in the 90s and have become fiercely capitalistic, introducing market forces into schools, hospitals, elderly care and other welfare services. They can afford high welfare (for now) because they have rich natural resources, small population and competitive business environment. We have none of those.

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