Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Livingston and Galloway 'why' in the 13 years of Labour government didn't they change all of what Thatcher had did in the past?

Ending subsidies was the right thing to do. Defending our position in the EEC was the right thing to do. Privatising some of our nationalised industries was the right thing to do and also closing the 'coal pits' has also been proved correct. Defending the Falklands was the right thing to do. Doing business with Gorbachev was the right thing to do. Campaigning for the support of Lech Walesa was the right thing to do. Modernising our banking system was the right thing to do. Being tough with terrorists was the right thing to do.She virtually ended communism and took the power away from the unions - not a bad days work, I would say!! And you could go on with many more things that Mrs Thatcher did. All you 'left wingers' must ask yourself 'why' during the period of 13 years of the Labour government they didn't reverse any of these changes? No, there is no answer so please keep your thoughts to yourself. Whatever anyone says about Maggie, no matter how much hate and vitriol, you can't change history, she did it all and did it well and you just can't bear it, can you? So all have your parties etc, she was still the best P.M ever, and you are still all nobodies.

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