Friday, 5 April 2013

Labour jumping on the bandwagon again to deflect blame for the mess the welfare system is in, which they caused.

Drawing the wrong conclusions from the horrific deaths of six poor children will have grievous consequences for the plight of thousands of other poor children. But we don't live in a civilised society. We live in a nation and a World in which barbarity and cruelty has gained mainstream acceptance and resides in the hearts of those charged like the Philpott's and Karen Matthews of this world, maybe they are a "minority" of welfare claimants but they are a very big, very expensive minority and there are far more of them than the Labour Party likes to pretend. Putting aside the legions of them that are routinely paraded on the Jeremy Kyle, many people often know similar cases from their own direct personal experience. So much so in fact that Channel 4 even makes popular comedy dramas that openly exploit this popular knowledge. This is why Labour are on the wrong side of the argument. They have long ceased being the party of working people, of working tax-payers, and are now the Political Party of patronizing middle-class elitists who are only ever concerned with the inexcusable underclass. Even the most elementary moral logic of their position has eluded them in that if the state can't take wholly justified steps to stop work-shy parasites like Philpott from exploiting the Welfare state then this inevitably means that there are far less resources that can be directed to the genuinely needy and those who really do need help. Labour is truly a dead party.Their promises cannot even be bought by borrowing any more.They have reached the end of the road. A vote for labour is even more valueless than a vote for the Libdems. Both are totally bankrupt and have no vision except spending. The arguments of the future will be between centre right and far right, who will almost certainly prevail.

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