Sunday, 20 February 2011

The yellow streak writes but there's no mention of Libya,I wonder why!

What a nerve you have Mr yellow streak Brown! To claim that you care about the plight of young people after your period as Chancellor is unbelievable. After all, it was you, Mr yellow streak Brown who squandered billions of pounds during your years as chancellor on projects which probably had more to do with enhancing your short term image and improve your chances of succeeding Blair rather than doing what was right for the country.
It was you who sold off the nations gold which cost the nation over 12 billion pounds despite being advised against do so by your own treasury officials. It was also you who has saddled future generations with massive future debts from PFI projects simply to hide the figures from the balance sheets and therefore, make yourself look good with the nations finances in the short term. The private finance companies are, doubtless,very happy - but the rest of the nations young people will have to pay for this for over 30 years to come at a final bill to the taxpayer of £200 billion.
Is this the same yellow streak Brown that poured money into education that led to 1 in 4 pupils unable to speak the Queen's English or do basic reading and writing tasks? The same man that deliberately dumbed down exams to get fictitious results? The same man that spent every penny of our money as though there was no tomorrow? The same man that it is now revealed stole £80billion from some of the best pension schemes in the world?
Finally, it was you who advocated light-touch regulation, and steered our economy away from manufacturing industry and towards financial services which is why we are in the mess we are now. You were blessed with large sums of money during your term in power and could have done what most decent Labour chancellors would probably have done by investing in manufacturing and giving hope to those young people whom you now claim to care so much about. Future generations will not judge you well and who could blame them?
It's time for you to shut up, Mr yellow streak Brown, and let people who actually know and care about education to get on with it. You will find that your friend Gaddafi needs you.

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