Friday, 18 February 2011

If thats all you got to say "Balls" then please shut up!

Why on earth shouldn't the governor of the Bank of England can’t give a verdict on UK Economy. You can be sure that if he were agreeing with Balls then Balls would be saying “The governor of the Bank of England agrees with me and you don’t get a better endorsement than that” It’s all very New Labour – if someone disagrees with you, either smear them or shut them up.
Red Ed Balls only believes in an independent BOE when it confirms Balls' theories. If it confirms Coalition policies it is clearly not "independent" any more, and should become part of government again. Balls' thuggish approach to anyone who disagrees with him, like his older thug master yellow streak Brown.
After all you and Liebore created the debt in the first place.

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