Friday, 4 February 2011

Red Ed says 'sorry' for failure to regulate the banks.

Red Ed Miliband finally apologised yesterday for Labour’s failure to regulate the banks properly ahead of the financial crash. The new leader – who worked closely with yellow streak Gordon Brown at the Treasury for years finally came out and said 'sorry'.
He hasn't said sorry for Labour leaving us with no money left in the kitty. He hasn't said sorry for Labour allowing immigration to escalate to such a degree that our country is struggling with the burden inflicted on our health service, our housing, our roads. He hasn't said sorry for Labour giving away money and making life that much easier for benefit scroungers. The Labour leader also warned that today's young people are set to be the first generation in more than a century to end up worse-off than their parents. This may be something to do with Labour's policies of mass importation of cheap workers to replace British ones, thereby giving 2 out of every 3 jobs created to foreigners, mass immigration of people who don't want to work, encouragement of companies to outsource, the destruction of communities, just to name a few of the gems Labour has left for future generations. I trust he will include these in his speech about betrayal of the young.
Basically he is not sorry. He simply thinks that saying sorry is enough. Well this time Labour really exceeded their worst ever performances thus making it virtually impossible for any subsequent government to haul us out of the mess we are in. If I live long enough to vote at the next election I shall give myself a minute's silence in remembrance of all that Labour inflicted upon us before putting my cross against any candidate whose Party is other than Labour.
Red Ed and Labour should be cast into the wilderness for eternity for all I care.

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