Friday, 11 February 2011

Oh dear,back to the future for Red Ed and his cronies.

Doesn't this idiot Miliband realise that these cuts are all down to his Labour Parties totally mishandling the UK economy, trying to buy votes by giving away benefits to everyone.
Fellow idiots Bliar and yellow streak Brown allowed unlimited immigration both legal and illegal, catastrophic pay rises to councillors and civil servants. Both then turned a blind eye to all the MP's fiddling their expenses, they allowed the Unions to bribe them, were and still are in a position where they have no answer to union pressure. They allowed an unlimited number of NHS managers to build little empires so there are now more managers than nurses. It is now payback time.
Miliband can go to as many union rallies as he likes, no problem. He has only one vote, he is nothing in the scheme of things, he likes to feel he is the leader of a party of no hopers, who won't be a power in politics for the next hundred years, by then Labours debt should be paid off.

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