Friday, 18 February 2011

Oh for Christ's sake why don't you shut up.

Why should anyone in Britain complain about selling arms to Bahrain? My view its hypocrisy galore!
Without these arms sales, many weapons factories will close down, and thousands will go jobless. A country cannot make arms to sell them only to those who are ethical and democratic, as common sense dictates they wouldn't and shouldn't use them.
What about the money these Arab "dictators" have in British and European banks? Shouldn't banks stop doing business with them and give them back their deposits?
How about boycotting every country that doesn't have a democratically elected government, and stop co-operation and business affairs immediately? Because anything less than that would be hypocritical and unethical. To criticize one aspect- arms sales -while letting other essential and important aspects - auto, commerce, oil, infrastructure - go past is simply double sided dirty ethics.
The west is involved and engaged with such nations because it is in its own benefit, and for the benefit of its own citizens, and to start looking at matters from a righteous point of view will simply ruin western economies and send it back to medieval days.

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