Saturday, 4 September 2010

Why don't you leave the Hague's alone

I'm getting rather fed up with all the policital smearing that's going on especially with the recent claim; because a politician shared a bedroom with his driver that they must be queer.Well if that's the case I suspect they are not alone. I remember 50 years ago sharing a bed with another guy for 3 nights. Since then I have shared rooms with other men and believe me I'm not queer and neither were the other chaps.
This nonsense is simply another example of why the press in this country is so detested. I think they have now overtaken politicians as the least admired sector within society. Led by the remarkable unpleasant Today programme with the awful Humphreys and Mcnaughtie they should be ashamed of themselves.
Hague and his poor wife deserve a lot more respect, politicians or not and what the hell the wife of that pompous idiot Bercow has to offer I do not know. Presumably she is a paid up member of the luvvie left like Kearney herself...
Let the press try to find some real news because at the moment they are acting like dirty little voyeurs and if they don't find anything to get off on they make it up!

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