Monday, 27 September 2010

REd the Union man!

What planet do these creatures inhabit?
Neither the Miliband's nor their rabble rousing paymasters and the sycophantic born again Labourites are in touch with reality as they blithely ignore their appalling recent record.
I have nothing but contempt for the trades union leadership, who are almost to a a man, and they are invariably men, a bunch of greedy bullying Muppet's. I'd like to see a super tax on their earnings over £100k.Their endorsement of REd Miliband, a man so palpably unfit to lead the country, just reinforces my view. He was appalling on the Andrew Marr show yesterday.
Listening to the daily politics, apparently one lady member of Unite received 37 phone calls from the union asking her to vote for REd Milliband. Makes you wonder about the definition of harassment doesn't it? Don't you find it strange that you can have two votes - one as a member of the party and one as a union member.
Red Ed will last a year tops. While he's in charge Labour has zero chance of electoral success which, given the almighty balls-up they made last time round, a blessing indeed.
Long live the coalition.

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