Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Crow's a Totally Useless C--t!

I would like say to Bob Crow, go back into your cave with the rest of the dinosaur's. You are still living in the dark ages, and the bulk of the British public will not follow your stupid ideas.
The Labour Government are responsible for the difficulties because of the money they wasted over 13 years that they were in power.Yellow streak Brown is entirely responsible for the cuts that this government will have to make.
Good old Bob, inciting his union and fellow Totally Useless C--t's members to create civil disobedience whilst picking up his £150K a year and whatever happened to our democracy?
All three of the main parties entered the election acknowledging the necessity for cuts, with only some small differences about the timing and where they should happen.
The coalition has not changed anything significant since then. In fact, public expenditure is planned to rise overall by 15% over the life of this Parliament, so all this nonsense about savage cuts is just that - nonsense.
Almost everybody voted for one or other of these parties, and thus implicitly for the cuts needed to get our finances back in order.
This is politically motivated and goes against the will of the vast majority of the electorate. Mr Crow and his fellows should be deported to North Korea or even Cuba, where they will find the democratic workers paradise that they are evidently seeking.

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