Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Red Eds first speech; Don't let this shifty bastard fool you.

Red Ed is now showing his true colours at today's conference. New labour is now regressing into Old Labour with the Unions attempting to take control of the country. The union barons look particularly revolting - a mix of smug self-satisfaction and thuggish belligerence. Why do so many labour MPs and members not realize how utterly toxic the Simpson and Woodley's of this world are to their electoral chances?
What we have seen so far is window dressing. The Labour Party has bankrupted this country on the occasions that it has gained power and will no doubt continue to do so as it looks after the interests of the fraudsters and layabouts who comprise their main supporters. If you are a worker well paid or otherwise this bunch will exploit you and lean over backwards to support illegal immigrants, minority groups who make financial demands and attack the businessmen who create the wealth for this country.
Bring it on Labour you bunch of lying, useless, inept, incompetent, illogical and immoral imbeciles who think you are being caring as you destroy the country. I await the next stage of your attempt to convince the population that you have a clue. You cannot even vote for the person you think would be the best PM but instead vote for someone who looks like he could care a little bit more.
Caring about your country does not mean saying " we should all be equal". It means making a society where people have a chance to earn from effort and thus making them strive to earn. Labour has turned our country into possibly the most uncompetitive nation in the world whilst preaching the merits of globalisation. Well Ed, how easy it is, as politically wet behind the ears as you are, to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds in order to please the moronic audience attending your party conference. Yet again the Labour party clearly show that the only interest they have is that of attaining power (by telling people what they want to hear) rather than doing what is necessary and being honest.
However your own brother David was not so easily fooled, nor will be the remainder of the country, who have yet to be totally brainwashed by the BBC's distorted reporting.

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