Monday, 13 September 2010

Totally Useless C- -ts

Yes the TUC stands for "Totally Useless C--ts"
The TUC reaction is typically selfish and short-sighted. Masses of strikes and civil disobedience will only damage the already fragile economy, making job and funding cuts even more necessary.
If we carry on without this "austerity package" it will only be matter of time before large section of the public sector are effectively bankrupt.
The media (see BBC and C4) shifts the spectrum to paint the picture as concerned left wingers with some moderate liberals. Well it's a load of rubbish. The likes of Brendan Barber are either stupid or duplicitous.
The BBC uses the term 150 billion pound deficit. The unions say don't stop spending yet, wait until the growth gets better. The 150 BILLION is per year. When will these unions and public workers realise that it is the private sector that pay their wages and their pensions. It is a total disgrace that we pay their pension when in the private sector we have to fund our own and now we have to retire at 65 + - public workers and civil servants can retire from 55 - there is something wrong in the country when the private sector pays for the life style of the public sector and then they and their unions have the audacity to say they want more and more.
Today the TaxPayers alliance issued some facts about the Totally Useless C--ts.
  1. That even before cuts in spending, public sector employees were already striking fifteen times more than those in the private sector.
  2. The Trade union Rich List shows that many of the trade union bosses leading the charge for strikes over spending cuts receive six-figure remuneration packages.
  3. This research note shows the huge amounts that the unions have received in direct grants and paid staff time from public sector organisations – quangos, departments, councils, NHS Trusts, ambulance trusts and fire authorities – in the financial years 2008-09 and 2009-10.

• Trade unions received £85.8 million from public sector organisations in 2009-10.

• That is made up of £18.3 million in direct payments from public sector organisations and an estimated £67.5 million in paid staff time.

• The total is up 14 per cent from 2008-09, when trade unions received £76.1 million from public sector organisations.

• 2,493 full time equivalent public sector employees worked for trade unions at the taxpayers’ expense in 2009-10.

• Total public funding for the trade unions in 2009-10 was 20 per cent more than the combined political contributions to the Labour Party and the Conservative Party in 2008-09.

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