Sunday, 18 July 2010

Who in the world is going to buy any of these shitty books?

I will never read snake Mandelson's book so can only comment on the portions reported during the past week.
Snake Mandelson might be bitchy and a gossip but he has confirmed what others have said about the Liebore government, especially concerning yellow streak Brown, Tony Bliar and their respective disciples and hangers on. He has confirmed the fact that yellow streak Brown is seriously mentally flawed. He has also confirmed, what many of us suspected, that he is not the intellectual giant whose reputation as such was puffed up by Bliar. Whose false views were ably supported by such street fighters as Messrs doppy Whelan, hairy Balls and evil Mcbride, even though Bliar was their arch enemy.
We now know what many of us suspected: that Bliar and others thought yellow streak Brown was, and is, an intellectual pygmy!
Let's be honest, this spineless lump of excreta never had any friends in the Labour Party - or any friends at all, anywhere. That's what happens to treacherous, talentless turncoats who blackmail their way into the House Of Lords. His peerage should be revoked, and he should be turned-out and left with the same nothing that he's contributed to Britain. Then he should be prosecuted for Criminal Negligence during his term as "Business Secretary" (a post in which he did nothing at all, and didn't even turn up) and jailed.
So Bliar, snake Mandelson, two jags Prescott and the entire upper echelons of the Labour government, including four of the five leadership hopefuls, knew yellow streak Brown was at least half mad and not very clever. Yet they let him dictate domestic policies for ten years from the Treasury and govern as PM for further three. And they have the nerve to claim that all of their political actions were carried out for the good of the country. Liars and hypocrites the lot of them.


  1. 一棵樹除非在春天開了花,否則難望在秋天結果。..................................................

  2. I'm not sure you are being entirely hard enough on them here Oliver! but jolly good effort LOL!