Monday, 12 July 2010

Well done Spain

A Spanish national team, with Spanish players, playing for their country rather than sponsorship deals and personal glory. A magnificent result in so many ways.
Contrast their achievement with the fractured, selfish and unpatriotic French and English teams
Obviously Holland had decided before the match that they could not win without breaking the rules. This they did violently, regularly and systematically throughout the match. They calculated that FIFA would not want their spectacle ruined by a spate of sending-off, especially early in the game so proceeded to intimidate the Spanish players from the start. I note that the yellow cards were spread all around the team in an attempt to avoid second yellows, although about four or five Dutch should have gone without a yellow. It was cynical professionalism at its worst.
FIFA should now consult with their referees about teams like this and give the officials support to send off as many players as necessary, even in a world cup final. If Spain had won because Holland had been reduced to six players and the game had to be abandoned that would have been the most just result.
Holland were a disgrace to their country. They should be ashamed of themselves.


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