Thursday, 15 July 2010

Facebook Moat

The positive comments made about Raoul Moat on face book are simply unbelievable,he was nothing but a coward.
Britain has finally got a leader in David Cameron who has the ability to turn the UK in to Great Britain which it is truly was 'it is absolutely clear that Raoul Moat was a callous murderer - full stop, end of story.
This sad episode shows the rest of the world just how far the UK has sunk in it's values.
This guy turned into a nutter for whatever reasons he had. He was ready to deprive his daughter of her mother and presumably he already knew he would be going out with a bang and so depriving her of her father as well. This didn't seem to figure in his mind at all yet he's made out to be a caring dad. It seems like his ex girlfriend made up the story of going with a police man in the hope that it would be enough to scare him off from harassing her. What had the police officer who was blinded personally done to him? Would he have shot the victims if he knew the truth? Probably.
There are a lot of questions to be answered and they never will because Moat took the cowards way out, not the hero's way as he's depicted by some halfwits! The people who elevate this man to hero have a very warped view of right and wrong and I only hope that they never need help from the police.

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