Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hypocrtite Prescott, what a wanker!

A hypocrite who slagged off the Lords when he was in the commons. An uneducated , slob who bullied his way up the political ladder. Given a soft job and swanned around the globe achieving nothing.
Now,Lord Fish and Chips takes his seat or should it be Lord Two Jags, the real reason this lump of lard has taken his seat isn't to hold government to account but to make his wife feel like a real laydee!
He is deemed to be the Class warrior? - crass warrior more like. The final sell out from a truly monumental mock socialist, in my opinion he sold the liebore party and his beliefs to the capitalist system for power, prestige, cash and now a peerage. No need for your working class pretensions anymore. Are you one of us? No, you are really taking the piss there Prescott.
Good riddance you capitalist lackey - get off to the House of Lords where you really belong.
You know what they say about class and money, you can have the money but lack the class. Or you can be like me have look a class act but lack the money!

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