Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tony Hayward will take his yacht to Siberia to do some ice fishing and if he screws up in Siberia he will get a nice prison cell and do hard labour.

The fact is that a lot of us agree with Hayward. Initially there was a lot of sympathy for the victims of the BP Oil-Spill(which there still is although that has been lost in the ensuing "spats") but due mainly to firstly Obama's initial apparent anti-British rhetoric, later denied, but too late to stop it gaining traction in the UK. Hayward helped blacken his image by attending a yacht race in clean English waters as Gulf Coast residents choked on BP oil.
This was then followed by the US Congresses grilling of Hayward (shown live on BBC) and what I feel was a "Witch Hunt" of BP.
Then of course was the "Al-Mehgrahi" affair which rapidly descended in the UK at least as the view that the US Senate was interfering in UK/Scottish Sovereignty and had no business to summon UK Ministers in such a cavalier manner... so Hayward started to be portrayed as being hounded unfairly by the US for merely being the fall guy for the Company mistakes.
We may speak the same language be allies but it goes to show how a crisis (rightly or wrongly) is viewed differently between the two countries citizens.

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