Sunday, 23 November 2014

Yellow streak Browns folly! No, He's going.

Good riddance! Pathetic PM and ineffectual MP. Continued the destruction of our economy, sneaked in by the back door to sign the Lisbon Treaty, sold off our gold reserves at a bargain price. Finally taken out of his box to scare the Scots into voting NO. 
Nothing for him to look back on with pride. 
Did anyone else notice once again he didn't turn up at the Cenotaph to show his respects to our war dead?
I hope he crawls back under his Kirkcaldy rock and stay there for ever.
Here's a history of his time as our Prime Minster. I will from time to time REMIND you of what its like tp have a LIEBORE party ruining (RUNNING) the country.

The grim figures from the Office of National Statistics show there are now 3.3 million households where nobody works.
It means one-in-six households in Britain are workless, the highest rate for a decade. And, worryingly, just under two million children are growing up in homes where no one works.
The news emerged as the Tories released analysis showing that welfare benefits for the jobless have cost taxpayers £350billion since Labour came to power.
The sum includes a sum of £36.6billion for jobseeker’s allowance, £92.5billion in incapacity benefit, £90.7billion for income support, £106.3billion in housing benefit and £20.3billion for council tax benefit.
It is also extremely distressing that nearly two million children live in workless households, shattering yellow streak Gordon Brown’s pledge to halve child poverty by 2010.
Yellow streak Brown saw himself as a cut above the normal jobbing chancellor. He wanted to be a reformer in the Lloyd George mould, and his Big Idea was the tax credit. He was determined to press ahead with this, despite work of a different kind being undertaken at the Social Security department, principally by Frank Field, the minister for welfare reform. Before joining the government, Frank Field had developed a bundle of ideas, such as ending means-testing, scrapping tax for the low paid, and personal welfare funds topped up by National Insurance contributions or tax allowances payable into savings plans. Frank Field was kept in the dark about what was going on at the Treasury, before finally being forced out.
The real problem in UK is the lack of employment and sustainable jobs. The root cause of rising levels of social welfare payments and the dependency culture began 3 decades ago when our industrial and manufacturing base began to disappear for one reason or another but mainly political and financial some jobs in the public sector are essential, noticeably doctors and nurses, police, teachers, and fire services; but, there are a great many people employed in non-job positions in national and local government and in QUANGOs, they do not generate or create wealth and they cost the tax-payer millions for pay and pensions whilst not actually contributing to the overall economic success of the nation.
But poverty is relative and based on economic factors such as the cost of living, which includes the cost of housing, the provision of utility services of water, gas and electricity for heating, lighting and ventilation, sufficient income to buy foodstuffs and other necessities of life and having some essential items. In the UK relative poverty is defined as according to statistics means an income of less than £15,600 per annum before any and all forms of direct taxation.
The main causes of increasing poverty in UK for pensioners is a very low basic state pension well below the government £s defined poverty income level, for some employed it is a low basic wage and for the unemployed it is low unemployment benefits. It is also due to increases in indirect or stealth taxation associated with the iniquitous Council Tax, and the rising cost of fuel and utility services.
Yellow streak Brown will never realise that there can never be a sound economy if a large proportion of their voting population are unemployed and unable to gain appropriate and meaningful employment to look after their families. Perhaps yellow streak Brown, secure in his ivory tower and cosseted from the real world, will realize that peasants can and will revolt against policies that keep them unemployed and poor. Perhaps yellow streak Brown will begin to realize governments get less from taxation when more people are unemployed and not contributing to the costs of public services. Perhaps yellow streak Brown might begin to concentrate, one day, on looking after the interests of the people rather than feather their own nests.

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