Monday, 3 November 2014

"Oh no" Dumbledorf Darling is leaving a sinking ship called Liebore !

With Darling standing down next May from the Liebore PARTY, it now tells you all you need to know. LABOUR is now fronted by a MARXIST called MILIPEDE and fully BANKROLLED by the COMMUNIST UNIONS, who hand over million's of their members subscription money, and in the majority of cases against their Members consent.It needs people to wake up in the same way as  the people of Scotland are doing and realise LABOUR is only ever "EXPLOIT genuine hard working people to look after the Shirkers in society, this ensures them their vote.
I wish the whole Liebore party would step down, because another term of these idiots in power would destroy whats left of a once great country. Blair and Brown started the rot and Milipede would only add to it. Any party except Labour would be my choice.

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