Thursday, 13 November 2014

Why on earth should anyone vote Labour with this legacy?

Here is the Labour legacy 1997 to 2010, 

Milibands current policies are just a continuation of that, useless self serving, anti British, anti democratic, Union influenced ideology.

- Iraq and Afghanistan.
- Rotherham, South Staffs, Birmingham schools Islamic fundamentalism, Trojan horse etc.
- Policy run by the Unions.
- Started HS2, stuffed us with PFI.
- Sowed the seeds of the destruction of the British Union with lopsided devolution and ignoring England.
- Destroyed the final salary pension system.
- Gave away our EU rebate.
- Sucked up to the bankers creating horrendous consequences for Britain in the global recession taking a generation to fix.
- Gave away sovereignty through Lisbon and the Human Rights Act.
- Abused state finances with 0.7% overseas aid pledge.
- Halved manufacturing from 22% to 11% of gdp.
- Abolished Primary Purpose Rule and allowed immediate accession allowing 7 million immigrants into Britain 1997 to 2010.
- Sucked up to crony public sector Unions by inflating pay and pensions of an unreformed public sector.
- Did nothing to invest in our infrastructure.
- Imposed postal voting extension open to political corruption.
- Spent so much money on Labour cronies that we had a 5% structural deficit at the height of the boom.
- Impoverished millions with the Climate Change Act of alternative energy zealotry.
- Created the conditions in which thousands died unnecessarily in the NHS.
- Created the catastrophe of multicultural extremism. 
- Allowed failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants to stay in Britain.
- Sent our military to wars under equipped.
- Failed to secure our borders.
- Sold off our gold at rock bottom prices.
- Created hundreds of quangos to carry out Labour ideology and stuffed them with socialist place men.
- Created welfare as a lifestyle, with the totally dysfunctional tax credit system, and the catastrophe of excessive housing benefit.
Why on earth should anyone vote Labour with that legacy?

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