Friday, 14 November 2014

Labour Claims and Reality:

CLAIM: No vested interest, whoever they are and however powerful they are... should ever be able to hold our country back. 
Between now and the election they are going to use every tactic to try to destabilise, distract us and throw us off course. '
REALITY: Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham says these ‘vested interests’ include the Right-wing media – accused by Labour of concocting stories of a leadership crisis. 
In fact, the turmoil was triggered by a savage attack on Mr Miliband by the Left-wing New Statesman magazine, which labelled him an ‘old-style Hampstead socialist’; and the Left-leaning BBC, which reported that Labour backbench MPs had called for him to quit.
It was fueled by The Observer, which claimed 20 Shadow Cabinet members were on the brink of calling for Mr Miliband to step down. 
CLAIM: We haven’t had the best couple of weeks. Disunited parties are parties that the public worries about and I understand that. 
REALITY: So which is it – is the Labour Party disunited, as he appears to concede, or is it all a great conspiracy by the media and the shadowy ‘vested interests’? 
His remarks are certainly a sharp U-turn on last week, when he claimed there was no discontent in the Labour ranks. 
Last Thursday, he told the BBC: ‘I don’t accept that this matter [concern over his leadership] arises. Honestly, this is nonsense.’ 
CLAIM: People are asking why they are on zero-hours contracts while some of those at the top get away with paying zero tax. The zero-zero economy, we need to change. 
REALITY: Not only is the zero-zero economy an ugly, wonkish soundbite – it’s disingenuous. 
There is no legal way for a high-earning individual in Britain to pay no tax unless they have donated all their earnings to charity. 
The people in Britain who pay no income tax are people whose salary is less than £10,000 (many of whom will be on zero-hours contracts). 
It took the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition to raise the threshold for the personal tax allowances
CLAIM: It isn’t prejudiced to worry about the effects of immigration. It is because of the real impacts it has.
REALITY: Only last month, Labour led criticism of Tory Defence Secretary Michael Fallon when he warned communities feel ‘swamped’ by mass immigration – despite it being a view shared by Labour’s own ex-home secretary, David Blunkett. 
Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander accused Mr Fallon of not being ‘responsible’.
Labour continues to resist any changes to EU free movement.

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