Sunday, 5 December 2010

Yellow streak Brown. Please do shut up..... You are in no position to lecture anyone.

I'm absolutely staggered that the man largely responsible for the mess this country is in has the nerve to lecture anyone on economics. This is the man who destroyed our pensions, sold our gold after telling the world in advance pushing the price down, spent £3000 per second for 13 years, strangled our private companies to fund his ever growing public sector, sat back as our currency depreciated and left every family in this country with £50,000 of debt. Investments were made under PFI and or PPP at six time that would have cost if the projects were funded directly by the tax payer, the regulatory regime was degraded , stealth taking and off the book borrowing held sway.
While all this was going on yellow streak Brown was feasting with financiers and banker friends and patting their backs and getting reflected glory. His hubris was far beyond his achievement and despite all the failures they continue to thrive.
The mirage that was the longest boom came to grief and just seven weeks before the fateful news yellow streak Brown was trumpeting his success and congratulating himself and his banker friends.

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