Thursday, 30 December 2010

In Red Eds new years message it's all doom and gloom.

I am sick and tired of Opposition MPs complaining about every cut in public expenditure. It is particularly frustrating listening to Red Ed Miliband who was in Government for many years and it was under his watch that we were left with such a huge debt.
It is not acceptable to blame everything on the world crisis as much expenditure was as a result of political decision making. Many of us were shocked when we heard of the huge spending commitments made in the last few months of the previous government knowing that there was no money to fund the commitments. We keep hearing about all the money thrown at various projects without any measure of the success of the use of public money. I am quite shocked at how my money has been spent and furious at how little remorse or acknowledgement of the difficult decisions that are necessary coming from the opposition benches.
They most certainly do not look like a government in waiting and all they are doing is producing soundbites and stirring up fear in the public to make news. It is Opposition for opposition sake rather than what is necessary to reduce the deficit and the good of the country. They insult my and your intelligence.

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