Monday, 20 December 2010

I hope David Cameron has the courage to crush these obnoxious thugs.

Crow, McCluskey and all their acolytes can go and take a running jump.
This country knows who is to blame for any strikes they call. Don't use the membership of unions as weapons for anti Tory protest.
Bob crow cares about one thing.
The recent tube strikes are seen by the vast majority of Londoner's for what they are, the support of Bob Crow's longer term political ambitions.
The British people are of a very patient and have a kind nature.
But these pointless strikes have done one thing.
They have caused almost all London Underground workers to be detested. They are seen as selfish and self serving.
Not a single working Londoner believes this "safety" nonsense.
I say let them strike as much as they want for as long as they want. Start laying them off on mass.
Just like Bob Crow loves his six figure salary the Drivers love there 45k.
Bob Crow is right about one thing.
The working people of Britain should rise up. It is the unions who need to be smashed not the coalition government.

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