Friday, 31 December 2010

First 100 days of Red Ed

As someone who only wishes Labour ill will, I did think perhaps it might be worth joining at a cost of 1p just so I could vote for the worst possible candidate at the next leadership election. But then I reminded myself that Labour are quite capable of elected him all by themselves, as evidenced by Red Ed.
After 100 days Maria Eagles is trying to curry favour with the donkey Red Ed ? This pathetic former Minister was part of the most dysfunctional Government ever and expects her opinion to be heard. The country has had enough of all the Liebore lies, deceits and mismanagement. Labour ruined our pensions, ruined our savings, ruined our jobs, ruined our businesses, ruined our standard of living. Does she seriously expect people to stand behind a donkey that has become nothing more than a cheerleader for the anti-cuts protesters and the union Barons who threaten Armageddon?
She is quoted as saying "Red Ed won, fair and square," dismissing criticism that he relied on trade union support and won fewer voters than his brother among MPs and party members.The guy would be still a nobody sulking on the backbench if it hadn't been for the Unite Union.
Red Ed is a union puppet and Maria Eagles is a moron if she thinks we will forget what happened under 13 years of spend, spend spend!

Cameron has enforced an uneasy peace on the country since coming to power, but the words of Red Ed Miliband are begining to trouble him... Behold In my days the students will be saved from paying £9,000 for tuition fees. And the homeless will dwell in Council Houses. The NHS will be known as " Our Beloved NHS" Red Ed Miliband has listened to Clair Rayner's last words "Tell David Cameron that if he destroys "my beloved NHS" I will come back and bloody haunt him-so-let-it-be!

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