Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Millipede, yawn, yawn, yawn

State school, public school - yawn, yawn, yawn! Ed Milliband represents all that is wrong with politics. Boring and bland - lacking presence and not saying anything new. And just like all the other shallow charmless fools, they all take advice from the unseen advisers and sycophants - What colour shirt? Single button cuffs? Dark suit? Plain dark tie? Yep - that was his attire. Ed Miliband has nothing in common with me. Let's start with the fact that he's never had a proper job outside the shielded walls of the Labour Party. And as a regular hard working bloke I'm also trying to understand how he can mortgage that million pound house he has in Primrose Hill on an MP's wages. And of course I didn't play any part at all in the last Labour Government's spending plans which doubled structural Government in just seven years and has left our country with a financial albatross on it's back just when we need to make some savings. Finally, I can answer a straightforward question without spending 6 minutes talking irrelevant and If this dull, uninspiring man thinks he can persuade us that he can both buck the entire world economic recession and 'turn Britain around', and make us all a one-nation of altruistic saints, he's dreaming. incomprehensible bollocks like he seems to every time he's on the Marr show.

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