Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Millipede 'One nation again'

What Millipede is proposing is that everyone having the same opportunities as the rest, good idea, but who will pay for this utopia? Yes more Liebore spin leading to another Liebore lie and as you know Liebore twist in the wind!
Everything has costs attached to it. Those who work and pay taxes are the ones who foot the bills. There are always some who don't succeed  either from lack of education, illness, no job, no prospects and economic climate we are seeing now. What we he should be promoting is education for those who lack it, job training for those out of work, and instilling personal responsibility into all.
For far to long the state as been seen to be the benefactor of all, who pays others for doing nothing, while those who graft take home less. It as to stop if this nation is to survive. We do have to have 'one nation' but not has Millipede see's it we have to have 'one nation' who are not afraid of work, not afraid of hard graft, and who are prepared to be thrifty and nifty to survive.

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