Tuesday, 2 October 2012

If Britain needs 'rebuilding' just who tore it down, Ed?

Fellow readers, understand where we are; the nation now consists of multiple lobby groups. If you do not belong to one of these,the chances are you will receive no benefit from their actions. If you do,it is purely by chance. Sadly the lobby which infests Parliament purports to represent the electorate. In fact, they continually lobby for themselves. Read Millipedes droning again. he is merely talking to his fellow lobbyists. The media,including this refuge for inadequate journalism , are no more than another part of this lobby group. Millipede and co have secured their situation by representing the same views but presented in slightly different ways. Voter disengagement matters not to them -after all they will get the votes of various lobby groups to give them power.
He is a prat. End of. And one prat that I would love to see ride this pathetically small wave of pseudo-popularity all the way to May 2015, or, I hope, earlier, so that when the time comes to bite the bullet and really show your support, he loses by a landslide of proportions that the Mythological Greeks would be proud of.
You and I are of no consequence. Any presentation of 'change' or 'caring about the nation' is just a smokescreen.Typical socialist hypocrisy - One Nation in one breath and bad old-fashioned class war in the next.

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