Thursday, 20 January 2011

Red Ed's massive error in appointing Golden Balls as Shadow Chancellor.

There must be utter desperation in Red Ed's decision making. His lack of credibility has been confirmed by his appointment of his former boss, Balls, at the the Treasury; the one whom he had many massive ructions.
Balls has never apologised for his enormous mistakes. Balls was the one who advised dysfunctional yellow streak Brown to sell gold at low prices; the one who advised yellow streak Brown to attack private and company pension funds (Oct 1997); the one who devised the rules of the toothless FSA after neutering the monitoring capability of the Bank of England. Balls allowing three massive Whitehall departments to run out of control, Defence, Education and Health, is astounding.(Confirmed by Treasury Permanent Sec Sir Nicholas Macpherson).
Red Ed has confirmed he has poor judgement and thinks Golden Ball's 'attack dog' status will save him. Doesn't he know when in a deep hole, stop digging?

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