Sunday, 30 January 2011

Come on King kill this Balls remark.

'Andrew Marr says 'Are you suggesting he has been lent on...' Answer 'I think he is being loyal', said Ed Balls.
The man is a fool, anyone who runs their own affairs will know you can not keep spending more than you earn. If any of us run our household finances like Labour ran the country we'd be living in a box under the railway arches. Balls helped cause this mess, sniping on the sidelines while others clear up after him.
So now, the hypocrite Balls, who made many catastrophic decisions that have brought this country down, now pretends to play psychologist and makes overt political comments intended to frighten the electorate. The man has no credibility and is seriously flawed. His assessments are based on twisted logic, poor judgement and hasn't a clue how or where to start clearing up the financial mess he and his cronies created.

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