Thursday, 27 January 2011

Further proof that after 13 years of Labour we live in a less free society.

A football game. Two men who are overheard to pass some remarks about a woman. And all this absurd fuss and publicity is reason to sack them. No wonder this stupid country and all its culture and past achievements are going down the plughole. Thanks in the end to Harriet Harman and the Labour PC brigade!
They are punished for having an opinion and a sense of humour. It seems straight males are not allowed to make crude remarks anymore, only women and homosexual men on TV are allowed these freedoms.
I find the departure of both Gray and Keys a great shame. Lets not be naive they were only saying what half of us "prehistoric" men were saying in every pub across the country! It does not make us all horrible sexist and out of date, it does however mean there is still a sense of humour out there and that maybe more should spend more time looking for a laugh than a reason to sack people. I for one dont think skysports coverage will ever be the same.Of course women are going to be noticed and remarked upon by men. It's happened since the beginning of time, and only now - in our country's senility - are we faced with the idiocy that it's "no longer acceptable"! And it'll go on until the end of time. After all, women are indeed sexual objects.

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