Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Spain and the Catalans

I believe the Catalans suffer from the same symptoms which the Germans have. I call it the " It Should Have Been Us" syndrome. In other words, they always thought they were the In's who should have been, the ones in driver’s seat. I'm sure the Catalans would have preferred that Hispanic America speak Catalan over Spanish. Or made Barcelona the Capital of Spain, but it never did and they feel cheated because of it.
I used to ask the Catalan managers in Condiesel during the war with Argentina about Las Malvinas. Have you, the Catalan people ever said 'sorry' for their part in the colonization of North and South America? No? And why should they you ask? Well as I remember it. Catalunya did not do so bad while helping conquer the continents. At the time of colonization Catalunya made millions and millions in gold,silver and other natural resources during the 400 years the Americas suffered under Spanish/Catalan rule. And it was not until the beginning of the fall of the Spanish empire did you see secessionist and nationalist come out of the wood work. 
My point is Catalunya has always loved Spain when times were good and hated it when times got tough. Like a child who's parents had to cut their allowance because one has lost their job. Of course the child is to blame its parents for its cut in funds. And hence this latest furor over Catalan independence. But take care or something may go wrong!
Preview to 2015?
I can’t help but think that Catalunya will find itself surrounded by all these new states and a future scenario that will make the Spanish civil war look like a Disney film. Maybe the PP and Madrid manner in handling this and language they are using is wrong, but is it wrong to prevent the breakup of Spain.
This sounds like wide speculation, but it is not a stretch to imagine that the Iberian peninsula will easily resemble the instability in Russia/Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union...once Catalunya pulls itself from the rest of the country to let their economies sink.
By 2015, the collapse of the Euro and the inability to manage the demands of the regions following the departure of Catalunya, bring about the eventual bankruptcy of Madrid and the end of Spain as a cohesive state.
Each rump state finds it has to fend for itself, the rationale middle ground that tries to take control gives way to extremism and criminal networks replacing the role of the failed states. The mafia flourish in the black market trade of vital goods, whilst in the south the right wing army militias join forces with the mafia in the cities to sweep away the leftist groups that briefly flourished. Filled with disgruntled out of office army officers, they promise to end the lawlessness in this vast land.
Catalunya which has been enjoying a booming economy prides itself on the money it has spent on a wall along its borders to stop migrants from entering from the failed states. Refugees from the south of Iberia that get through on boats from the Balearics are being rounded up in Barcelona to be housed in camps around Tarragona to work on the farms – but resentful citizens attack the refugees for bringing lawlessness or being suspected fascists looking to undermine a prosperous Catalunya. Law and order has now collapsed in Valencia where Catalunya has the biggest business interests and investments having pulled out of all other parts of the peninsula. Catalonian business groups pressurize the government to break from its non interventionist policy and support a coup in its neighbours to restore law and order, and safeguard its interests.
France, nervous about its own stability, is concerned about floods of refugees as news comes in that Madrid has fallen to anarchists, and closes the borders and pressurizes the Catalan government to sort out the mess in its back garden. Bloody fights break between leftist and the mafia over the important lucrative trade routes that criss cross Iberia, which were once controlled by the Spanish state, and prices rocket finally threatening the economy and stability of Catalunya. Morocco seizes on the moment invades the Canary Islands, whilst the right wing mafia junta of Andalucía marches into Portugal to restore law and order where left-wing guerrillas have been launching attacks across the border.
Britain, Germany and France, send in troops to Catalunya, which has agreed to spearhead a push south to kick out the mafia governments of the south, including conscripts of refugees. They march into the increasingly violent and lawless middle states and Europe is now drawn into a war to stop the march of the right.
Catalunya after pleading for independence in 2014 marches into destroyed Madrid in 2015 as people cheer across the peninsula the unifying Catalonia army, and celebrate the end of 15 years of war that has decimated the population of Europe. Is this to far fetched, no, I don't think so!

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