Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sir Edcase (Millipede) Spendalot and his Chancellor Balls

How did we get to where we are now?

This government inherited an almighty mess left by Labour. Gordon Brown was the worst chancellor and the worst Prime Minister this country's ever had. He, Blair and their ilk ruined this country economically, culturally and socially.The damage will never, ever be repaired. I cannot believe that people have such short memories as to even contemplate voting the Labour traitors in again. At least Dave and George are trying to fix things but legend has it that when this Nation is in mortal danger that King Gordon will awaken from his endless deep sleep of denial somewhere in Fife and return to the Nation in its hour of greatest need. He will tenderly place his hobnail boot onto the choking  Nation's windpipe and finish off the job that he failed to complete in 2010 when he was so close to success. If he fails to awaken in time his truest and trustiest knight Sir Edcase de Spendalot and his Chancellor Balls are both on a sworn oath to smite his enemies and rekindle the Sacred Flame of Prodigal Waste. They will end the long and winding quest for the Holy Grail of Default and finish the job off on King Gordon's behalf before the decade is over -even if it kills us all. Such loyalty in an ignoble cause.

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