Monday, 5 September 2011

Memoirs of Dumbledorf Darling

What an irresponsible shower. Funny how they always spout the truth in memoirs after the events. Not many politicians have the courage to resign whilst in office.Yellow streak Brown did more damage to the United Kingdom than any other man in recent history. His economic policies were disastrous, and he persisted in them, making things worse when he must have known that his party was bound to lose the last election. Yellow streak's Brown government was, in effect, borrowing money to pay the interest on money it had earlier borrowed.The UK has cabinet government, and the last Liebore cabinet stood - or, rather, sat - by, while all this damage was inflicted. The last Liebore cabinet - including Mr Dumbledorf Darling - bares and shares responsibility for the yellow streak's damage. Such, must never happen again.
I always thought you had to be so clever and principled to be running the country -Liebores a real joke!

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