Monday, 12 September 2011

How much do these union leaders get paid to spout this rubbish? Please see in my blog for details!

38 trade union general secretaries and chief executives received remuneration of more than £100,000 in 2010-11.
And the stars were!
Derek Simpson Unite the Union £510,659, including £300,000 severance pay.
Dave Prentis Unison £131,496
Bob Crow RMT £123,833
Matt Wrack Fire Brigades Union £120,174
Christine Blower NUT £116,836
Mark Serwotka PCSU £113,354

When the union leaders talk about the super rich floating free from the rest of us I take it they mean themselves on £100,000 + wages a year in addition to their expenses. I also take it they will stop taking a wage when people from their union go on strike and that they will be prepared to go to prison. Of course the truth is they will not go to prison for the cause but applaud the idiots who do as hero's and they will continue to take the money whilst the strikers earn nothing and cause even more misery to they families. Its time people wised up to these people who are in it for themselves, ask Bob Crow why he still lives in a Housing association house when they are hundreds of homeless people who need it and he earns around £124,000 per year basic. The word Hypocrite springs to mind.
They are just thugs in suits; the general public have no stomach for this at all because the country is in a mess thanks to Labour and yellow streak Brown; we are all in trouble financially and not just the public service workers. The public sector are not favourites right now; with their ridiculous salaries and pensions, this will only tarnish that reputation further.
Come on workers, think for yourselves and the rest of the country. Don't let these trouble makers give you a bad name.

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