Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I'm so bored with this!

I'm so bored with this, the media hysteria seems never-ending over this exaggerated story.The neurosis over this matter which the BBC has displayed is shocking. As the Liberals would normally say, "Can we move on now?" So now must be the time to move on. Miliband has now over-egged the Coulson bit, at least Cameron is doing something about it. These things were happening when Labour were in power so why try & throw all of the blame on this Government, but then that is just so typical of Labour blame anyone but themselves. No one is going to forget how dreadful this has been for the Dowler Family and the rest of the people that have had their phones hacked into.
We have had 13 years of a disastrous Liebore Government.We need to get back to dealing with real issues - we have a world economic crisis on our hands and a famine in Africa - to name just two. Listen to the BBC , hardly any mention of either.
I suggest we let this Government try and get on with the rest of the problems facing our Country & the EU. If not sorted out soon it will be catastrophic for all of us.

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