Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Does anyone actually still believe a word yellow streak Brown has to say?

Since the early 90s yellow streak Brown worked closely with the gutter press to smear and attack his political enemies; he smeared his labour enemies as much as he smeared his Tory enemies. He briefed against anyone who stood in his way and used the gutter press to serve his preoccupation of revenge and spite and hatred. He has pent a year sulking and plotting revenge on those he believes destroyed him; he should be looking at himself with the help of a trained psychoanalyst.
Yellow streak Brown spent his short and disastrous time at number10 planting smears against anyone who dared to cross him; he worked closely with NI and Murdoch through his smear unit. Strange how this man claims to be a victim when it suits, the classic reaction of a mentally unstable pathological bully. Yellow streak Brown is the sole author of his demise and fall.
His claim that he was in tears about the Sun story on his sick child, a total fabrication of course because he was a source of the story; he had control over whether the story ran; Brooks asked permission to run the story and yellow streak Brown not only agreed but contributed some gut wrenching self serving guff to grub up some public sympathy and if he was so upset then why did he invite Brooks to organise a slumber party for his kids; have cosy photo ops and parties with Murdoch & Co afterwards?
In yellow streak Browns tiny little disturbed mind he blames everyone else for his troubles, on a pathological level he cannot accept responsibility for his own actions, he cast around for someone else to blame and he holds a fanatical determination to punish his perceived enemies. In effect he is a perfect socialist, displaying all the defects of socialists throughout the world.

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