Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Surely now is the time to get rid of the BBC?

The first half of the year presented a country in dire trouble, with no plan to deal with the Socialist government's massive debts after a seven year spending spree, one drunk with power and too cowardly to produce a financial statement that even bordered on reality, while everyone including the BBC pandered to yellow streak Brown's overblown financial ego.
An election and an Autumn spending review later, we have a viable financial plan in place to pay down Britain's debts and get Government spending under control, a private industry that is picking up and a thumbs up from the international financial markets that actually pay our bills by loaning us money.
And how did the BBC report the good news about the economy today? Yet another negative financial report from Television centre has crashed and burned so it will be sack-cloth and ashes there, one more happy thought along with the 6 year TV licence freeze .Before even mentioning the better growth rate of 0.8% they came out with the words 'double dip recession', 'only temporary',' VAT rate increase', 'worries for the future' .
Then the roving reporter spoke to too young men in Bristol who both said that they agreed that cuts were necessary because of the huge deficit. The female reporter had to mention, of course, that many, many people disagreed with their views. Surely now is the time to get rid of the BBC?

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