Thursday, 17 January 2013

Ed Milipede and the EU what a Joke, scratching his 'Balls' instead!

I listened to Ed Miliband on Radio 4 this morning. Very underwhelming performance. He does not come across as a 'leader' because too often he rushes his words, keeps using odd biblical phrases like "I say to you..", and generally sounds like an excitable teenager. He needs to relax, and be more like his elder brother who has that calm demeanor and eat a banana; after all their both monkey brothers, don't you agree?
But this is Ed Miliband all over,criticizing the government while refusing to get off the fence and say what he would actually do instead, he'd probably finish up scratching his 'balls'instead !
We have just had a long period of Labour Government in the UK when significant powers were transferred to the EU. As a result of the interview today we have no idea what Milipede's views are on that transfer. At the same time we had successive Labour Prime Ministers arguing that they had achieved victories for EU budget reform and subsidiarity. Neither of those claims were correct. That plus the gross under-estimation of emigration from both inside and outside the EU.
Why on earth is this guy leading the Labour Party. His performance this morning was vacillating and as clear as mud.
Has the Labour Party any policies on anything? Where is the political leadership in the UK - sadly he is the pits of the barrel scrapings of all the major parties.

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