Friday, 4 May 2012

Election 2012 and the Labore victory, it's time to get active and remind people of how we are in this mess!

I have great sympathy for this government that is doing the right thing for the country and economy at the expense of their popularity. It is an almost impossible thing to do because the right medicine this country needs is a bitter pill to swallow by the voters.
I have nothing but revulsion against the Labour who are 100% responsible for this mess together with the financial elites. I will never ever vote again for them in my life I have seen enough of who they really are in the last 10+ years and what they stand for really: themselves only.
This is a sad day for Britain. The voter is going to get punished for his wrong choices.
Did you watch how Harriet Harperson squirmed when a Question time audience member accused Politicians of lying and thieving The same old guard who crippled Britain. 

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